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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Scourge of God

More & more Christians, in particular, theologians are acknowledging the impotence of modern Christianity to offer an effective solution to the problem of evil, on a global scale! American Christianity, in effect & in particular, has become the purveyor of the Personal Salvation Gospel to such an an extent ( almost solely ) that it has become well-nigh useless & impotent in society! Today's Christianity, for the most part, promises an eternity in 'Heaven' & escape from the fires of 'Hell' ( one of the most infamous question asked by evangelists today is, 'if you died today, would you go to 'Heaven' or 'Hell'? )!

Most, if not all Christians are more or less familiar with the Scriptural fact that God used certain Gentile powers to bring His ( Jewish ) people to their knees. in the Story of the Exodus ( Exodus 9:16 ( Romans 9:17 ), God told the Pharaoh of Egypt, 'indeed for this [ purpose ] I have raised you up, that I may show My power [ in ] you'. God used the Babylonian armies to discipline His people by destroying their beloved Temple & removing them from the Land ( for a time-Jeremiah 25:1-13 ( Daniel 9 )! Scripture uses numerous examples, up to & including pagan Rome, to punish & discipline His people!

The Islamic Horde has become what most Christians would call a Scourge to the World! Not only Christians have fallen victim to the savagery of its more fanatical & militant branches; lately in the news, we have heard & seen reports of beheading by some of these groups claiming Islam! Though this is itself a horrible & deplorable condition, considering the History of War in the Middle East in ages past, it is really no more horrible or deplorable than many of the inquisitions & pogroms visited upon, not only Muslims, but upon others of different faiths, all in the Name of God, or Christianity!

Although, for the most part, Christianity, American Christianity in particular, has been relegated to a religion that is simply to be kept 'behind the eyes & between the ears', the Foreign Policy of America, as well as that of certain other nations, seems to have been so influenced by the Savagery of Christianity, that we have made eternal enemies, rather than converting the ( human ) resources of this world into tools for the Kingdom of God!

The Church has been so weakened by the notion that to engage in the Rebuilding of a ( Truly ) Free Society would be like 'polishing brass on a sinking ship', that most Christians seem more interested in 'weeding out' those who are not of like faith ( doctrines of men ) than in making the world a better place! 'When We All Get to Heaven' is usually more of a concern than actually being the 'light of the world that Jesus said we are ( Oh sure, we'll be the 'light of the world', as long as 'they' will come to 'us' ( OUR Temple )!

So, to ask the question now, 'is Islam, particularly radical & fanatical Islam, simply God's latest method of discipline for His People?' Though we should keep & bear arms, if necessary, against this Plague, should we not accept this as discipline from our Almighty & Heavenly Father, employing the Wisdom we have been given to strengthen our hearts & arms in the Battle Against Wickedness?! May we ever realize that our Creator, Sustainer & Provider uses the folly of men to His own Purpose & that we can but serve that Purpose or be crushed by those who are!

Charles Haddon Shank

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