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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Change the World

It's hard to beat the system 
When we're standing at a distance 
So we keep waiting 
Waiting on the world to change.

In today's day & age, too many people seem to have adopted this stance! We hope that we can endure what the world has to dish out just long enough that we see change occur. 'If we hang on, even if it's precariously, by a thread, maybe we will be lucky enough to witness that 'change of season' that we're all waiting for'! At the very least, maybe our grandchildren will!

For the past generation or so, the average citizen has neglected to realize their potential, not understanding that contrary to what government 'education' has force-fed them, they possess the true power, the power to effect positive change in the world, far beyond the false glimmer of hope that voting ( it's our civic duty ) for the lesser of two evils offers, or even that of getting the right man in office! It is only by realizing the potential for positive change that we all possess that any lasting change will be effected, not only in this country, but in the world at large!

People have been aware for at least these few generations that we need to see a change in the affairs of this nation! Many have worked, to various degrees of success, to effect this needed change, but most have begun to realize that, no matter what changes are made, at least politically, these changes ( for the better ) will not be lasting ones without an additional influence! That influence is a change of heart, and that change of heart can only come through acceptance of the relationship that we all cannot live without, Relationship & Communion with our Heavenly Father & the Body of His Son!

This country was founded on biblical principles, to whatever extent, there is really no denying that! Even though these biblical principles can still be seen in many of the ordinances & protections that we bear witness to everyday, this theology was, to some extent, fundamentally flawed! Much of the theology that figured in the founding documents was one that was based on doctrines such as 'The Total Depravity of Man' & that of the future Kingdom of God! Though many battles were fought, to the death, in defense of the Kingship of Jesus Christ, visions of a Heavenly Paradise danced throughout their theology!

The Religious Right has convinced most of its constituents that if we would but return to these foundations, and especially to the Constitution, that we would see effective, positive & lasting change! Really though, one only has to read the history of Israel to see what happens when you try to coerce righteousness; it doesn't work: righteousness, true righteousness, cannot be coerced & morality, true morality, cannot be legislated!

For positive, effectual & lasting change to be effected in this nation, there must first be a Great Awakening! People everywhere must awaken, in a positive way, to their relationship with their Heavenly Father, the One, True & Eternal King! Communion with the Body of His Son is a very important & necessary part of this positive relationship! It is only through the blessed acknowledgement of this relationship, both with Father & Son, that this nation & from it, the world, will ever know the change that it needs & the Everlasting Peace that we all seek!

Now we see everything that's going wrong 
With the world and those who lead it 
We just feel like we don't have the means 
                To rise above and beat it                    

John Mayer realizes that it only seems that 'we don't have the means to rise above and beat it', but like so many others around this country & world, he refuses to acknowledge the means he knows exists! Why do people refuse to acknowledge such Means? It would seem only natural, right, that if people knew that the means were available, that we would be quick to take advantage of these means, but sadly 'No'! For a variety of reasons, the Visible ( Institutional? ) Church has failed to faithfully & effectively represent Her King; maybe now it's time for the Invisible ( Organic ) Church to show Her stuff!

Charles Haddon Shank

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