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Saturday, March 07, 2015

And the Beat Goes On; Island Time

Sitting here at the Hull Bay Hideaway on St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, listening to reggae music, it's difficult not to think heaven-on-earth'! Considering that the temperature is a balmy 80 degrees with gentle breeze & it's partly cloudy, it is truly paradise for an old cripple that has head in the clouds! One might say I'm a fool for not wanting to relocate here, but truly, although I could probably survive the island life, I'm pretty sure I just want to visit for a time & go home!

I had a bit of an adventure getting here! I was supposed to connect into New York's JFK before I flew to the islands, but with the snowstorm they were having, the fight was cancelled! I was rerouted through Miami, Florida. After I caught connecting flight to St. Thomas & arrived on the island, I found out that my luggage had gone on to New York & so would be a couple days late! Thankfully, my brother-in-law as able to supply me with an extra pair of swim trunks that he had, so my needs were met!

On the way to the islands, I met a great couple who were in the business of delivering boats to people whoa lived in the islands! This couple was on their way down to the British Virgin Island of Tortola. When I mentioned to the gentleman that I was a bit of a photo bug, he switched seats with me & so I was able to snap snap some great pictures on the way down!

Yesterday was one of my first days really just hanging out at the beach! We, my brother-in-law's family & I, went to a beautiful beach on Lindbergh Bay called Emerald Beach Resort. It was a beautiful day & I got my first sunburn for quite some time!

I have several weeks yet to enjoy the Island Life, on Island Time! During that time, I hope to see more of the island, maybe even neighboring islands, enjoy the cool island breezes & being woken by cocks crowing! In a sense, I believe, this Island Life could be called The Simple Life, although, when you think about it, The Simple Life can be enjoyed wherever one lives; the choice is up to you!

In the greatest sense, then, Paradise as well is up to you! If you can enjoy Life wherever you live, then not only is it much simpler, but one can truly enjoy 'heaven-on-earth'! I'm looking forward to the remainder of my time on this island we call Paradise, but on this Earth, in this world that I call Paradise, wherever my Father takes me!

Charles Haddon Shank

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