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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Exaltation & Exultation; the Organic Church Versus the Organized Church

There's nothing wrong in rejoicing in our exalted position as the New Temple of the Holy Spirit; I want to make that abundantly clear from the get-go! We should be full of exultation every day because we are in His Eternal Presence, having become One with the Divine Essence! This is not to say that we become omnipotent or omniscient, for there can be only One, but we have, in a sense, become gods, or 'elohim', ourselves! The problem results from exalting ourselves more highly than we aught, rather than exulting in the One who made us what we are, the One who breathed into us the Breath of Life!

Let us first clarify as well, that when we speak of 'us', or 'we', even 'the New Temple of the Holy Spirit', we are speaking in a corporate, rather than individual sense! It is the ( whole ) Body of Christ, that our Heavenly Father now calls Home & although that Body is made up of many ( individual ) members & each member, in that sense, is a Temple, it is in corporation that we best represent Him!

The Institutional Church of today has, for the most part, departed from 'the way it outta be'! The pastor, which is a fairly modern invention, usually receives a weekly paycheck ( or monthly ) from the corporation known as the 'church' ( not to be confused with, 'the Church' ). There is nothing wrong with this, in & of itself, for Scripture instructs us in several different places that we should share our physical ( material ) blessings with one who blesses us in a spiritual way. The problem is that there are quite a few pastors out there who are fleecing their flock rather than feeding it! The pastorate has become a livelihood to many & depending on the area, the membership & message, more & more pastors have become professional entertainers who lead Sunday morning 'worship' services like ringleaders at a circus!

The Organic Church, on the other hand, was pagan at its roots! It emerged from a people much like any other & became a nation of priests to God! The Church from its infancy was never a financial giant, One to bolster any certain denomination or provide a way for some poor schlub to get a job when he can't get one elsewhere! The Church is a living, breathing organism, One that, yes, takes care of its own, but One, more importantly that exists to further the Kingdom of God! We are here to spread the Good News of the Kingdom, not to make any certain group of people rich while others starve!

How many pastors out there have you come in contact with that rule over their individual congregation like a king? Do not ask too many hard questions, much less challenge their authority, or you may find yourself cast into outer darkness! There is a certain order ( not that there's anything inherently wrong with order ) to things & if that order is disrupted at all, watch out! When a congregation functions this way, you know that something's not right; this is not what our Heavenly Father pictured, we can be assured, when He birthed the Church!

Organization, generally speaking, is a good thing! When we have some semblance, to whatever degree, of organization, things tend to run more smoothly. However, we as human beings, when we start to organize, tend often to over-organize, to try to make things run even more smoothly, but more often than not, our over-organization becomes detrimental to the individual & thus to the corporate organism!

As above, there's nothing wrong, in & of itself, with any given congregation supporting, as they can, one who feeds their spirit, but when that becomes the pastor's focus, or even that of the individual congregation, then we have a problem! This is not to say that all congregations are wrong in supporting a pastor, or that one is wrong to be supported by a particular congregation, but when a pastor or congregation focuses on exalting a particular doctrine of man, rather than the Kingdom of Heaven, then that pastor & congregation has left their First Love & has a bigger problem than a mere financial one!

We, as the Body of Christ, are in this sense, our Heavenly Father's 'Mini-Me'; we are creators in our own right, fashioning ( 'forming' ) our world according to His Will! If we remember always to exalt His Purpose & His Kingdom rather than our own, individually or corporately, then our problems disappear & the organism to which we belong is free to operate in an organized way without the shackles of institutionalization! To this End we work, eat, rest & recreate!

Charles Haddon Shank

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