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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Through the Wormhole; the Inner Sanctum

Have you ever thought about what we might be capable of?! Since the Designer & Creator of this awesome universe has made His Home with us ( John 14:23 ), is there anything we can't do, truly? This physical, biological body does present limitations to what we can accomplish, in actuality, but spiritually speaking & metaphorically as well, the sky's the limit!

Think about it; seriously, have we not ascended where angels fear to tread? Do we not enjoy Daily Communion with our Creator & walk with Him as did the first Adam?! Jesus also said, earlier in John 14 ( 12 ), 'he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father'! We have explored these exalted realms before, but how, in heavens name, are we supposed to do as Jesus did, much more, do even greater things than
He did?! Nevertheless, Jesus plainly said it, it cannot be but true!

The Mind, as we have also explored, to some extent, is still a mystery to most scientists! There seems to be a pretty direct correlation between the Brain & the Mind, but beyond that, the mind is virtually unmappable! While the brain has been mapped to a greater or lesser extent & science it to the degree that we know our biology cannot function without it! Our brain controls literally every member of physical body! However, it seems that the Mind can overcome the Brain!

The Brain, as in the case of this author & others that may come to mind, seems to have lost the capacity to function normally, especially when it comes to normal, everyday activitities like running & walking, sometimes even talking! With practice, these things may, to whatever extent, be overcome & if you believe certain studies, totally rectified! This is entirely possible, one might decide, though in this crazy, mixed-up world in which we live, not very probable!

The Brain is a tangible; it can be mapped, to whatever extent & it can be visibly seen with the naked eye! Though it is full of intricacies, man has figured out the sections of the brain that control certain parts of the body. Surgeons, despite all its intricacies, are able to repair certai portions of the brain to varying degrees of success! More exploration is being done everyday & leaps are being made in the makeup of the Brain & what it might be capable of!

The Mind, on the hand, is an intangible; it cannot be mapped, and though it can be explored to some extent, through its effect on the Brain, it remains a mystery to most scientists! The Mind, then, must be more closely related to the Spirit, that intangible part of our physiology without which our biology would soon shut down & cease to function!

It is said that 'In the beginning............the Lord God.........formed man of the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life'. This is usually accepted as the manner in which the spirit of man ( kind ) come to be! However, the study of Covenant Creation, or Covenant Protology & Covenant Eschatology, has made great leaps of its own! Through this study, it has been found that the words above refer, not to Original Creation of Man, as has been traditionally thought, but rather of Covent Creation, the introduction of the Creator into His Creation!

The Spirit of Man, or the intangible mind which seems to hold such sway over the brain, though given to a greater extent, maybe, in the Creation Account of Genesis 1 & 2, was the Gift of Life to the first Adam & through Covenant, to every man, women & child who seeks the Knowledge of their Creator through that Covenant!

As we continue to explore this Inner Sanctum, may we ever keep at the fore-front of our minds the glorious fact that our biological bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made? Not only that, but our Minds are reflections of our Creator's Intelligence; even those who seem to have lost their minds, or at least its ability to function normally, glorify their Creator through regular use! With God, all things are possible, they say, and so it is; Amen & Amen!

Charles Haddon Shank

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