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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Energy Sharing

'Knowledge is Power'!

Most recently in this country, politically speaking anyway, we have witnessed what is often termed, 'the transfer of power'. While it is very arguable that the so-called 'leader of the free world' ( POTUS ) is simply a figure-head, a 'puppet' even & that the powers that be never really were transferred, but simply changed their 'face', to give the people of thinations the illusion of 'choice', the 'transfer' seems to be going fairly smoothly, despite the childish bickering about the price of tea in China ( or is that Russia? ). It remains to be seen, one might observe, whether any 'good' will come of this new figurehead, or whether 'we, the people' will be subjected to more of the same: this blogger reluctantly predicts more on the order of the latter!

The simple definition of 'power' is 'the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality; for instance, "the power of speech". A secondary definition should give us pause, though; 'the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events; for instance,
"the idea that men should have power over women." The notion that one should have power ( in this way ) over another is not foreign to humanity; the history of humanity, from its very genesis, has been an exercise in this pursuit! Biblically speaking, the 'serpent' in the Garden ( Genesis 3 ) used this power to his own advantage: Cain used his power over his brother by murdering him & the list goes on & on.

There can be no question that all of humanity has this power, not only to direct the course of their own lives, but to directly or indirectly influence the lives & choices of others. In some sense, there is nothing wrong with this talent, or ability, for it is naturally given by the Creator, but too often, especially for those in an unnatural relationship with their Creator, this power is used in a selfish way, to meet their own agenda, to satisfy their own lusts, without empathy, or care for how it might affect others. For ages, human beings have striven to assert this power over others, usually without stopping to consider if they should!

The Energy of which we are all composed, both what we call 'good' & 'bad', or Yin & Yang, if you will, is that which gives us this power! As always, though, we are faced with a choice when it comes to using this power, or expressing this energy. Many, as we can all bear witness to, use their energy in vain pursuits, exhausting themselves in the process & emptying themselves of their natural empathy & seeking their own pleasure, begin instead to use their power in a wrongful, even hurtful way, influencing others to fulfill their own lusts!

Not all who so misuse the Energy given them by the Creator do so in a purposefully evil, or hurtful way; most are ignorant of the fact that this behavior is unnatural! Human beings, to a large extent & for whatever reason, seem to have missed the forest for the trees. We have largely forgotten what our true nature is & rather than focusing on the Love, or good Energy, that surrounds us, we allow ourselves to be driven by Fear, or what might be called the 'bad', or negative Energy!

Many have chosen to throw off the yoke of bondage, not only from their own hearts, but from the hearts those with whom they have to do! By recovering their natural empathy, they have discovered that they themselves, as purveyors of the Divine Energy, have the power to change lives, not by using that power to subjugate & control, but by influencing others, through the Spirit Within, to choose for themselves what is good & right. Realizing our true nature & that we were all created with the same Energy, it becomes apparent to us that we are all in the same boat, all trying to do what seems best for us & for our loved ones. The choices we then make are tendered, not just with a thought for our own good, but with a mind for the betterment of all humanity!

Power, like the Energy that drives it, is never transferred, it is simply shared, or spread! One may give 'the reins of power', so to speak, over to another & many have ignorantly done this, not realizing their own power, but even though it seems like they have relinquished their power, the power remains in their own hands, to direct their lives as they will! Fear has driven many to the brink of despair, or at least held them in ignorance, thinking that their own power has transferred to another, whether for good or ill & that they have no choice but to blindly obey ( subjugation ), or face the consequences!

Those that know, have used this knowledge to begin a work, first, in  themselves, then in the 'world' around them. They have the Power, through the Spirit Within, the Energy that drives us all, to change the course of events! 'The powers that be', those behind the figureheads of the world, pulling strings & misusing the Energy they were given, have simply not become aware of their true power! It seems they believe power equals control & that by subjugating others under them they show their power, but they have forgotten where the reins of True Power lie!

True Power is not using our Energy to subjugate or control others; True Power is allowing that Energy to flow through us, directing it, through our choices, into the world around us, spreading our influence, sharing our power! When humanity remembers the Source of its power & its True Nature, then we will see wars & rumors of wars cease, power will no longer be transferred but shared, subjugation will be a thing of the past & the world will be transformed into a Garden, once again!

Charles Haddon Shank

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