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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Manifesting Destiny

Sarah was a smart little cookie! For one who had lost her mother at such an early age; she had grown up to be a beautiful & well-balanced little girl as well.At around one year of age, Sarah was walking & talking, one could see by the way she cocked her head that she was listening intently when a wise one spoke, her intent was obvious when she made her little strides, both inside the house & out & when she spoke, everyone gathered around, because for a little one year old, Sarah had a good vocabulary & gave people a lot to think about!

Most people spend their lives waiting; waiting for something great to happen, whether it be the love of their life, a new job, or winning the lottery! Destiny's child was not waiting for anything, except maybe for her body to grow into her spirit. She could walk & talk just fine, but because of her body's diminutive size, she still had a bit of trouble, sometimes, keeping up with the adults. The vocabulary she manifested, though, especially at such an early age, was astounding, unbelievable, even! Admittedly, because of the size of her mouth & her extremely young vocal cords, Sarah had a bit of difficulty with pronouncing the bigger words, but talk she did & act, when her small body would cooperate.

Thanks to a rich uncle that her mother had never mentioned, Sarah had just missed growing up in foster care! Ordinarily, for one so young, almost a newborn, the child in question would have been okay, not really ever having known his or her mother, but Sarah, from the moment of conception, had always known that she was no ordinary child. She knew that if her life was to go the direction she wanted, she would have to make it so; no waiting for others to make the right choices so that she could be happy, no waiting for things to happen; Sarah knew that if she wanted to make a difference, she couldn't waste any time. Her body would eventually catch up, but till then, she was going to get on with it!

As Sarah's body grew, the walking & talking did become a little easier, she became more verbose & easily understandable & she seemed to exhibit, rather interestingly, many of the same traits her mother had, even though she had passed away at such an early age! She was aware, already, of many things that ordinary children take for granted, for instance, that though her uncle's wife was not truly her mother, her milk was just as satisfying, her breasts just as succulent & comforting & that her uncle was not nearly the jerk her mother had always thought him to be. Sara had a good life; even though it had been such a bumpy transition, so to speak, things had actually gone fairly smoothly for her. Her mother's brother lived almost half a continent away, but when Sarah arrived at her new home, it was almost as if she had never left! Things that should have been new to her experience, people, places & things, were like an old, familiar blanket!

It was almost as if Sarah's uncle was making up for lost time! He recognized in this little child the chance to show the love he'd always had for his sister, but had never quite learned how to show. The little girl had everything she needed; as her body continued to form around her indomitable spirit, both her aunt & uncle encouraged her every advance, while showering her with all-important love & feeding her growing body with the most necessary nutrients.

For a little girl of one years age, Sarah had quite the social life; it's hard to imagine, but she had more callers, more friends than her aunt & uncle did! She was a very caring & sharing spirit, of course, so her friends soon became those of her caretakers, but it never ceased to amaze all those around her, how easily she attracted people of the same caliber, with the same energetic spirit, even though their bodies were often far more advanced in years than hers.

Even with her busy social calendar, Sarah was still a child; though her mind never tired of interacting with others, her little body was still forming, so she took naps throughout the day, sometimes even while visiting! While her body got the necessary rest, Sarah's brilliant mind was melding with any who chose to participate, sharing memories, information & other kinds of knowledge. With her penchant for symbiosis, Sarah got as good as she gave & so her status among those who knew & loved her never waned, but continued to blossom & grow, opening wider to the Energy she manifested!

For the second time, Sarah's birthday was nearing! Her uncle & his wife had always been the traditional sort, at least till Sarah came along, but they still felt like throwing her a party to celebrate her life thus far. She had no problem with this, as it coordinated well with her own wishes to celebrate that day. She had never quite fit in with the whole 'birthday' thing, but, 'Hey'; a celebration of life; that was another matter entirely! Life, even life in a small body, was something to be celebrated: she had a voice, a new perspective & with her new body, it was like a new beginning!


Sarah's Story is almost purely a work of fiction, but my wish is that it will resonate with your spirit as well as it has with mine! Many of us are waiting for a miracle & while I believe that miracles DO happen ( witness Sarah's Story ), I also believe that we were given the bodies we have inherited for a reason. If we want to experience life to the fullest, we must go out & live it to the fullest, with all the Energy we possess!

Charles Haddon Shank

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