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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

'Physician, Heal Yourself': Harnessing the Power of the Brain

The Possibilities

I want to be clear from the outset; by saying that we are One with the Creator, or even that we are the physical manifestation of the Creator, I am by no means saying that we ARE the Creator! We ARE, however, in our own right, what might be termed 'mini-creators', that is, creators on a much smaller scale. Intelligent Design, which I admittedly have not studied much, seems to have gained in popularity in  the past few decades, at least. The idea, the fact really, that a Supremely Intelligent Being put in motion the Universe & all it contains is so far ( infinitely so ) beyond question that it's quite ridiculous to even postulate that the beauty of the heavens & the Music of the Spheres could have just happened, by chance, as it were!

Well before He was crucified, according to Scripture, Jesus prophesied to the Pharisees, 'You will surely say this proverb to Me, ‘Physician, heal yourself!' ( Luke 4:23 ) Alluding here to His crowning achievement several years later, where the same Jews would say to Him, 'If You are the Son of God, come down from the cross' ( Matthew 27:40 ), Jesus, as the Son of God indeed, knew that day was coming, when He would be tested beyond all human ability. It is without doubt that Jesus could easily have come down from the cross that glorious but fateful day & thumbed His nose in their faces, so to speak, but we know that wasn't His Purpose!

Science & Technology have allowed us to learn far more about the human body, down to the atomic level even, than what had heretofore been known. The human brain, in particular, has been under the most intense scrutiny & scientists are discovering, to some extent, just how powerful it really is! With all their knowledge & research, though, we can safely say that even they cannot say with any precision, just what the human brain is capable of. Movies like 'Lucy' portray fantastical notions, almost purely based on Darwinian Evolution, that, with the right stimulation, the human brain & thus the human body, is capable of super-human, even super-natural feats. Such notions obviously have much appeal & are a lot of fun to speculate about, but they seem so fantastical to us in our limited understanding & the brainwashing we have suffered under for ages, that most will simply write them off as pure fantasy & after the movie is over, retreat back to the relative safety & comfort of their chosen prison!

What if we were able to transcend mere humanity & do things that, for the past ages have been looked upon as supernatural & even condemned as occult? Could we make such choices as halting the aging process? Is it possible that we could have such complete control, not just over our own bodies, but over the bodies of others around us & even matter itself? The possibilities seem almost infinite when one thinks about it! What would YOU do with that kind of Power? Would you selfishly use it to advance yourself into the upper echelons of the business world, to better yourself with secret knowledge so you could leverage others & control them to whatever personal advantage you chose? Or would you rather choose to share that Power with those around you, so they might better themselves & their world? Being that it is more blessed to give than receive, the obvious choice would be to share this Knowledge & Power so that ALL might be able to employ it, not just for their own betterment, but for that of the world around them. If this were to happen on a global level, just imagine the possibilities!

The human brain, as one might observe, is the physical manifestation of the Spirit Within. Being of the same Essence with our Creator, as has been postulated; why should the physical manifestation of that Spirit not be able to accomplish such things as we have heretofore only dreamed about? Jesus told His Disciples that they would do greater things than even He did, so why do we have such a hard time understanding, realizing really, that we have that Power? Much of the reason we find it so difficult to accept this glorious reality is our religious conditioning. We have been taught, from early on, that we are so limited by this biology ( true to some extent ) that only through some supernatural agency can we ever hope to attain the Promised Perfection. We have learned to look Without ourselves for the Hope of Glory, when it is Within that our Salvation Rests!

With such Strength at His command, as we have witnessed to previously, Jesus could have easily removed Himself from that embarrassing situation & made mincemeat of His detractors, but as we have also borne witness to, He chose instead, unselfishly, to fulfill the Purpose for which He came. That Purpose, of course, was to show Man that He had been endowed with the same Essence, that He could transcend His humanity & this biology, to do what Jesus had done &; greater things, for the betterment of humanity.

Can we heal ourselves? Is it possible to reverse the effects that ages of personal abuse & religious indoctrination have placed upon us, to break free of these shackles? It is more than possible; it has been done! Jesus was by far, not even Scripturally, the first to deny these limitations & He won't be the Last. Much of what has been condemned as heretical & occult, down through the ages, has simply been the physical manifestation of such esoteric knowledge.This knowledge has been denied, often through any means necessary, to humanity, for so long that the majority has weakly & meekly accepted these limitations as a matter of fact!

The glorious way that our biology is designed mirrors the very Universe itself! Now that Science  & Technology believe they have satisfactorily mapped the human genome ( etc.), they have turned their focus to the Universe. As if the human body & the rest of biology, for that matter, weren't enough to convince them of Intelligent Design, scientists, in places like SCERN, in Switzerland, have spent millions, even billions or trillions of dollars to try to prove that the beauty that surrounds us could have just 'happened'. They think they have found this 'proof' & thus 'rest' in the false security that man simply evolved from..............nothing!?

The building blocks, both of this biology & the Universe have been found to be, at the atomic level, the same material. The Music of the Spheres, like the arrangement of this biology, is orchestrated so that it plays out with such natural perfection that many scientists have found it supremely difficult to deny its Intelligent Design! Being of the same Essence, as we have noted previously, with that Supreme Intelligence, does it not resonate within every beating heart, that we are destined for greatness? That we have come to the Kingdom for such a Time as this?!

May it BE!

Charles Haddon Shank

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John said...

Yes! I agree. We are co-creators and our mind is extremely powerful. Unfortunately, mankind's "organized and mythicized Christianity, as well as all religion, overshadows truth. We must transcend from natural to the spiritual and distancing oneself from an excessive role in the material.

Christ told the Samaritan woman, whom He asked for some water from the well- answering her question," where do we go to worship? " Jesus responded, "IN spirit, IN Truth. All, I MEAN ALL, prophecy in the bible has come to pass and has been fulfilled, in its entirety. NOW, we operate, in Spirit, in what we haven't fully realized..... The power Christ bestowed... All heaven's treasury!